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Posted on Feb 20, 2022

This stuff is a lifesaver!

I was skeptical that a bunch of herbs in small doses in a very expensive supplement was going to do anything for me. I generally don't seek out doctors and pharmaceutical medicines and instead try to understand my own body and act as my own naturopathic metapractitioner. That said, due to biological/genetic differences, what works for me may not work for you and the following is purely my experience taking padma and may not be the experience you would receive. Having suffered from long-covid after a severe infection a year ago and omicron more recently (even after having three Moderna vaccines), I have had tons of issues with high blood pressure and shortness of breath since. I read a article recently that they are finding that covid is severely damaging the vascular systems in people who develop a severe case of covid by reducing the amount of Nitric Oxide in the blood which is vital for healthy vascular function. It would explain my HBP, high heart rate, and shortness of breath. I can't say whether padma acts as a N-O booster, but I started feeling remarkably better after taking it for a few days. One other side effect that i have noticed is that I often had oral issues with receding gums and a possible chronic infection for many years that would often give me throbbing headaches in the soft area between my ears and temples and a generally run-down feeling. Taking padma has caused a noticeable difference in lowering my tooth sensitivity from the receding gums and I don't get the headaches at all any more; but as a side effect, I have experienced some general discomfort in all of my teeth at the same time for a couple hours a few times. Padma has been scientifically shown to reduce inflammation/reverse infections in the pulp of the teeth and this may be what is happening with me. It's not the best feeling and chewing/biting becomes slightly painful when it happens, but it goes away. I've now been taking the 3x2 loading dose for the last two weeks and just switched to a 1x2 maintenance dose today as I feel that the major improvement is beginning to normalize and isn't necessary. I plan to stay on a maintenance dose and increase when feeling sick or unwell, although I haven't been sick since i started taking it so it's hard to say if has or will makes a difference there.
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